Self-performing crews saved logistical nightmare.

A national restaurant chain needed painting (patch work, an entire new color scheme of paint), new menu boards hung and new trash fixtures installed in 405 locations in 14 short weeks. There were plenty of facilities maintenance companies vying for this work but only one would be able to meet all of this restaurant chain’s needs.

Provisioned Services put together 23 self-performing crews to take on this logistic challenge. Multiple trips to each location were required due to unforeseen challenges—material not shipping on time and time-consuming removal of wallpaper, not to mention these crews only had three nights to complete each paint job.

The menu boards proved to be another challenge. Each board had to be taken down and the new one replaced in an entire market in one single night. In some markets, crews were replacing menu boards in 50-plus locations in one night.

By using its competent crews, PSI completed this rollout on time and on budget. The restaurant chain was thrilled that PSI was able to deliver exactly what was promised and that they were able to keep their day-to-day operations going without a hitch.

Lots of facilities maintenance companies claim to have self-performing crews. Very few actually do. PSI is one of the few. We’d like to show you what our crews can do.

PSI won’t say no to new ways to ratchet up service.

The Dave & Busters restaurant chain has spent countless hours, and dollars, retraining different techs to install Dur-A-Flex® flooring in each of its restaurant locations. Tired of wasting money and time they approached PSI to consider completing Dur-A-Flex certification to save on both.

Always willing to accept a challenge, PSI was instantly interested in learning more about Dur-A-Flex and how it could better service Dave & Busters. Four crews were immediately trained to install this flooring product that is able to withstand “aggressive chemical and thermal attacks” for five years before it has to be top-coated (a minor inconvenience that can be completed in one night).

Dur-A-Flex flooring ends the process of repairing and replacing tile and grout time after time. Because PSI was proactive in training its four crews, it has created significant savings for this customer. Recognizing how Dur-A-Flex could benefit other customers as well, PSI has introduced it to seven customers in their restaurants across the country.

It is this innovative approach that sets PSI apart from the competition. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can save your company time and money too.

Client Praise

I had a huge problem with deterioration in our walk-ins…

…in approximately 100 locations in our Southern California market. I called PSI because I heard they were the best in the industry to remodel, repair and refurbish walk-ins.

Angelfacility manager for a national fried chicken chain
We got more than we bargained for!

We decided to ask PSI to learn the Dur-A-Flex flooring systems so we would have a national contractor to call whenever a project came up. PSI spent a lot of time and effort learning the product.

Robertfacilities manager for a national restaurant chain
With new construction, it’s inevitable…

…that something is going to change—the schedule, layout, or any number of other things. PSI has always been able to respond to changes without any “pain or suffering” for my client or me.

Bobinstallations manager for a national fixture company
PSI makes my life a little bit easier.

PSI manages repairs, from my HVAC preventative maintenance program to everyday repairs, to keep my restaurants running as efficiently as possible.

Dandirector of operations, KFC franchisee
The design flaw was a serious problem…

…and there was the possibility of a lawsuit of some magnitude. I needed nationwide service for these 600 stores and I needed it last week. PSI jumped through hoops…

Stevefacilities director, national retail chain