We have a deep portfolio of work for the restaurant industry. We deliver an exceptional service experience, whether we’re supporting a grand opening or meeting needs for day-to-day maintenance or emergency repairs. We’re defining concierge service in this environment.


We’ve built a reputation for turning on a dime for our retail clients. We understand every nuance of a store opening. We’re a client’s first call for reimaging. We have experienced crews on the ground to meet the uphill deadlines associated with on-demand WOs.


We’re experts in all kinds of walk-in cooler remodels, retrofits and restoration. Your goal is to increase revenue. Ours is to help you protect it when a deteriorating cooler or freezer begins to create downtown or produce higher energy costs.


There isn’t any aesthetic goal or application challenge we can’t meet today with the advanced flooring solutions we offer. We enjoy the highest level of client confidence for appearance, durability, functionality, performance and ease of installation in flooring solutions.


We enjoy a national-quality reputation for installation and national rollout/retrofit work. Our team includes skilled, experienced, in-house installers with the ability to problem solve on the job and work under pressure.

Crisis/Rapid Response

Our highest priority is an immediate, calculated response to our clients when they need us most. Whether you’re managing a natural disaster, environmental-/weather-related liability like ice on an exterior walkway or a plumbing issue, we make minutes count.

Client Praise

I had a huge problem with deterioration in our walk-ins…

…in approximately 100 locations in our Southern California market. I called PSI because I heard they were the best in the industry to remodel, repair and refurbish walk-ins.

Angelfacility manager for a national fried chicken chain
We got more than we bargained for!

We decided to ask PSI to learn the Dur-A-Flex flooring systems so we would have a national contractor to call whenever a project came up. PSI spent a lot of time and effort learning the product.

Robertfacilities manager for a national restaurant chain
With new construction, it’s inevitable…

…that something is going to change—the schedule, layout, or any number of other things. PSI has always been able to respond to changes without any “pain or suffering” for my client or me.

Bobinstallations manager for a national fixture company
PSI makes my life a little bit easier.

PSI manages repairs, from my HVAC preventative maintenance program to everyday repairs, to keep my restaurants running as efficiently as possible.

Dandirector of operations, KFC franchisee
The design flaw was a serious problem…

…and there was the possibility of a lawsuit of some magnitude. I needed nationwide service for these 600 stores and I needed it last week. PSI jumped through hoops…

Stevefacilities director, national retail chain